Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization

University of Balochistan, Quetta

We are committed to play an active role in facilitating the University's research and encourage the faculty to contribute and share in promoting goal oriented research activities. We are aimed to act as a catalyst for the transformation of knowledge towards invention and innovation and its subsequent commercialization leading to a positive impact on the welfare and well-being of our nation. We provides a Focal point for all the research related works in connection with funds/liaison with the funding agencies.
Not surprisingly, the growth in funding and prestige has mirrored an international move toward more interdisciplinary science. With numerous colleges and dozens of research facilities, ORIC is uniquely equipped to pursue effective interdisciplinary research at the boundaries of scientific disciplines. From medicine to agriculture, Science to art, UOB has it all.


The ORIC strives to be the internationally recognized leader among research universities in creating new knowledge and technologies, performing research with impact, spawning new economic opportunities, and educating the next generation of leaders. We should be an exemplary, model organization in the art and science of discovery and innovation, in the stewardship of resources, in the conduct of research, and in meeting our regulatory obligations. The Office of Research is also committed to being a highly valued and effective organization whose leadership and service makes this vision a reality for the University of Balochistan.


The ORIC provides the institutional leadership and infrastructure necessary for the research enterprise to achieve excellence in creating new fundamental knowledge and technological breakthroughs, in translating research to relevance, and in contributing to the educational mission of the institution.

Our Seven Core Values

The ORIC will accomplish this mission through an uncompromised commitment to excellence in serving the needs of the UOB research enterprise, in protecting the integrity of the institution, and in investing toward future research needs and opportunities. We must be Leaders for the UOB research enterprise by focusing on seven core elements:

Leadership We must provide leadership to strengthen and grow the research enterprise, managing the present and investing toward the future.
Education: We must facilitate research activities that support the educational mission of the institution by engaging students in discovery, innovation and knowledge creation.
Accountability: We must ensure that the research enterprise is accountable to the expectations and requirements of our stakeholders.
Drivers: We must support faculty and funding efforts as these are the two main drivers of research.
Explicate: We must explicate, communicate with clarity, the impact and importance of the UOB research aims and accomplishments.
Relevance: We must facilitate the translation of research to relevance for the benefit of society.
Service: We must be an efficient and effective, professionally staffed, service-centric organization focused on the needs of the campus.