Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization

University of Balochistan, Quetta

2nd invention to Innovation Summit, UOB Quetta

Glimpses of 1st Innovation Summit 2016

Introduction To Summit

The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization, ORIC of University of Balochistan in collaboration with IRP, PASTIC, PSF, SATHA and other Universities of Balochistan is organizing Invention to Innovation Summit, Quetta 2017, at University of Balochistan on 25th and 26th April 2017. The summit will highlight the importance of local technologies for knowledge economy of Pakistan and provides an opportunity for linkages and technology transfer between academia, industry and government.
The objectives of the summit is to promote, disseminate, expand and advance the viable research technologies.
The Innovation Summit includes:
  • Presentation of Viable Technologies through Technical Sessions
  • Exhibition of Academic & Industrial Innovative Products/Models
  • Exhibition of innovative product/technology/idea by university students
  • Workshops on Research Commercialization
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Annual Innovation Awards

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SATHA Innovation Award

The summit also creates a competition for innovation by providing Annual Innovation awards for best R&D/Technology, products and ideas. The technologies presented in the summit are supported for funding, commercialization and further developments More than 20 R&D institutions, universities and industries will exhibit their innovative R&D technologies. Various awards of more than ten categories will be awarded to prominent innovations by academia and industry.

Your Chance to Win:

  • Shields and certificates for the participants of Technical Sessions
  • Technology Awards for Universities students in the exhibition on their innovative commercially viable ideas through poster presentations or prototype presentation
  • Business Plan Cash Prize/Award for Universities students in Business Plan Competition
  • SATHA Innovation Award for academia and industry scientist


Dr. Waheed Noor 0333-7837101
Miss Faiza Kalsoom 0321-4917181
Dr. Rashida Rehmat 0334-1213499
Mr. Rehmat Ullah 0321-4917181
Innovation Award & Dinner
Nasir Khan, UoB 03337907791
Dr. Majid, Turbat University 03232931036
Session Management
Dr. Muzamil Bukhari, UoB 03418096316
Mr. Adil, IRP 03132835455
Exhibition Management:
Dr. Abdul Basit 03108060082
Dr. Waseem, ORIC, BUITEK 0321-4121003
Kamal, IRP 03335552451
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Local Hospitality Committee:
Dr. Junaid Baber, UoB 03337807442

Inauguration, April 25th,2017

Speaker/GuestTalk/Topic SubjectAffiliation
Dr. Waheed NoorWelcome Address
Director, ORIC, University of Balochistan
Mr. Abid H K ShirwaniAddress
CEO, Institute of Research Promotion/DG, UMT
Address by Industry Representative -
Address by Vice Chancellor-
Address by Vice Chancellor-
Prof. Dr. Javeid IqbalAddress
Vice Chancellor, University of Balochistan
Address by Guest of Honor Address
Address by Chief-Guest Address
Tea Break
Inauguration of Exhibition, Technologies Expo having Prototypes, Models, Idea Posters
ORGANIZER: Dr. Waheed Noor - – 0333-7837101

Program Schedule

Closing Session

University of Balochistan
  • Technology Awards for Exhibitors
  • Highlights of Summit by Director ORIC, UoB
  • Address by Prof. Dr. Javaid Iqbal, Vice Chancellor, UoB
  • Address by Industry Representative
  • Address by Guest of Honor
  • Address by Chief Guest
  • Souvenirs Distribution

Organizer: Dr. Muzamil Bukhari– - 0341-8096316